[ Cause analysis of casting defects ]

Analysis of Casting Defects in Material Design Analysis of Casting Defects in Material Design

"The microstructure reflects the truth."
Understanding the causes is essential for defect countermajors.
Material design provides appropriate material analysis.

Cause analysis of Casting and HPDC Defects.

The objective of casting defect analysis

In addressing casting defects, it is crucial to identify the causes of casting defects. If the cause analysis is inaccurate, the efforts put into countermeasures will be in vain. In the casting defect analysis provided by Material Design, we conduct the following based on your specific requirements.

  • Optical microscopy observation
  • SEM observation
  • SEM-EDX analysis
  • Microstructure determination
  • Gas chromatography
  • PoDFA
  • CT
SEM Images of Casting Defects

What can be understood through casting defect analysis

We offer analysis services for casting defects in HPDC and aluminum casting. Based on optical microscopy observation and SEM observation, we conduct analyses that are suitable for determining the causes of casting defects. For example, it is possible to analyze the following casting defects and processing defects:

  • Shrinkage porosity
  • Gas porosity
  • flower mark
  • Hard spots

Flow of Casting Defect Analysis



We will inquire about the specific details of the analysis you wish to have conducted.



Based on the gathered requirements, we will provide you with a quotation.



If you are satisfied with our quotation, please proceed with placing an order.



We will conduct the investigation at our facility (typically involving destructive testing).



We will report the analysis results through a written report or presentation.

Equipment usage and delivery deadlines will also be determined through discussions and consultations.

Advantages of Casting Defect Analysis

By comprehensively analyzing from macro to micro levels, the underlying causes of casting defects, which were previously unclear, can be understood. If you are interested in casting defect root cause analysis, please feel free to contact us for further inquiries.

Material analysis

Reference Prices for Defect Analysis

Name Analysis Type Quantity Price
(incl. tax)
Start Optical microscopy
Microstructure observation
1 ¥121,000
Standard SEM observation
Microstructure observation
1 ¥187,000
Advanced SEM observation
Microstructure observation
Elemental analysis
1 ¥220,000

The above prices are for reference purposes only. The scope of analysis may vary depending on the plan. Upon consultation, we will provide a quotation considering the feasibility of the analysis.

Material Design is a casting consultant. Please contact us for any issues related to your casting.

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