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Material Design: Casting Consulting

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To pursue the casting future

Material Design LLC is a casting consultant in Japan.
We capture the trends of casting in the era of electrification and create the ideal vision.
We work with our clients to accomplish missions such as countermeasures for casting defects,
research and development of casting technology, and benchmarking of cast products.

To pursue the casting future

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Aluminum alloy castings have porosity problems and are piling up as defective products. One day, a large number of leak defects occur and impregnation costs are incurred. A large number of hard spots appear on aluminum alloy castings. Due to the poor machining accuracy of die-cast products, there are many products with defective dimensions. The die-cast product is deformed and does not fit the dimensions. High-end equipment was introduced but no effect was achieved. Even though we work according to the prescribed standards, even though we design the casting process properly, isn’t it possible that the designer’s drawings are wrong in the first place? Do you have any such problems?
There are still many phenomena that are not well understood in the casting site. Material Design is a company that solves these problems and challenges.

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Material Design is a casting consultant.

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